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Be Fit with Style

Most of us when we hear the word Teamwork, we immediately assume work together as a team by several people. That's true. But this time I like to switch your attention a little bit to the "team" that consists of different parts of yourself. 

To achieve a goal faster, teamwork would work the best than individual work. Let's see who or what are the team members here. What I mean with team members here are parts of yourself that you need to control and make them work together to reach your life's goal such as being Fit, Result of Exercise and Healthy.

Here are the "Team Members" that you need to know:

  1. Personality. Some people are extrovert and some introvert. Some like to play and exercise in the group and some solitude. Some prefer doing exercise in their quiet home and some in the gym. You got the idea. So you have to decide what's your personality and where or what exercise will give more benefit to you. Not everyone has to go to the gym to be healthy.
  2. Habits. Some people like to get up early and exercise in the morning and some in the afternoon or even late night before go to bed. Some like to start with light exercise and end with heavy ones. Some like to exercise 5 days n a row and some every other days. Changing a habit is not a one night work. It takes months or even years to change your habits. The key here is choosing the good habits and change the bed ones so you can achieve your life's goal faster.
  3. Diets. Lately we see a lot of different types of diets are introduced to get healthy, loose weight or even gain muscle. The most important question you should ask is not which one is good but which one is better suits to your body condition, personality and habits. The diet changes should be managed accordingly in time, patient and perseverance based on every factors of your body condition.

So now you know that to achieve your Lifestyle Goal of being Fit, Healthy and Flat Stomach, you need to coordinate a teamwork between those members mentioned above.

Be Fit with Teamwork.


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