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Exercise Myths

Sometimes to convince you to get a regular exercise program started, you need to think the opposite way. Rather than just concentrate in the positive way, you need to remember these misconception or myths about exercise: Exercise Myths
  1. No Pain, No Gain. Check with your physician first before you start any kind of exercise. Knowing your Body Limitation is the key to success. If it hurts, stop. You can get fit without feeling any serious discomfort, so don't strain when you train. 
  2. Morning is the best time to exercise.The best time to exercise is when you most feel like exercising. There is no evidence that exercising at a particular time of day is significantly more beneficial. Again here, the key is knowing your Body Capability. If you are  not a morning person, you will not stick with a morning workout program for long. Just remember for some people that exercising too close to bedtime may make you more difficult to fall asleep.
  3. Exercise is supposed to be fun. Sometimes exercise is fun, but not all the time. Fun is not the final goal n exercise. The goal of exercise is how good you will feel after your have put your body through its paces.
  4. Sit-ups flatten your belly. Sit-ups might tone your stomach muscles, but they will not do much to any fat you have down there. We cannot reduce fat just by exercising certain area of the body (spot-reduce). Otherwise, people who keep eating and chewing food would all have skinny thin faces
  5. Fitness Outfits are not important. Last one but not least. Well everyone agrees that a good exercise starts with the right fitness outfits such as this Cotton T-Shirt. Not all outfits are good for all exercise. Choose the most comfortable fitness outfits with the right material  that won't restrict your exercise movements.

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