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Firming Up Fat

Three Basic Knowledge in Firming Up the Fat Firming Up Fat
  • Food. The typical male diet is about:
    • 35 percent fat,
    • 45 percent carbohydrate and
    • 20 percent protein
    • If you can just reduce fat to 20 percent, raise carbohydrate to 60 percent and leave protein at 20, the payoff is great.
  • Aerobic Training:
    • Moderation is the key here in quantity and intensity. Start with 29 minutes of aerobic activity three times a week. Over the next three or four weeks, move up about 30 to 40 minutes per session.
    • Bicycling, fast walking, jogging, climbing stairs are all fine choices.
  • Weight Training:
    • Aerobic exercise will help you shed fat.
    • The right diet will help you keep fat off and provide the right fuel for muscle growth.
    • But if you want to pick up muscle, you have to pick up some weights.

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